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Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein



  • Product Information
    "Frankie Stein" is the creation of Marco Navas. He has several amazing Classic Horror figures for you to enjoy.
    This is a popular one with the ladies. Only 100 of these have been made. Get yours before they are gone.

    Mary W. Shelley’s Frankenstein or "The Modern Prometheus” is the very first science fiction work, as well as also being a horror novel. Celebrating it's 200 year anniversary, Marcos opens this set with several characters from the novel. However, its main character is not Dr. Victor Frankenstein, but the monster he created.

    Reference: Frankie Stein
    Collection: Frankenstein Micro Sculptures
    Sculptor: Marco Navas
    Material: Resin
    Edition: Limited to 100 copies
    Measures: 7,5cm HX 4cmW X 3,5cmF
    Type of Case: Color Cover

    Exclusive US and Canada distributor
    Call for the waitlist if out of stock.